I’ve got you under my skin.

Today Duras wakes up in a jolt.

Duras does not understand.
Du reste, the time is now.

It’s bittersweet, eh? Who’d have known?

Oh, ice queen, ice cream, ba-ba-ba, a spoonful for the little lady.
Frêre Jacques, Frêre Jacques, dormez –vous?  Duras knows her ABC.

The room speaks to her; ‘what will you do? Oh, my pretty mountain flower! My flower of the mountain! What will you do?’

‘You always reference books I don’t know. Don’t you have room for your own mind?’
‘No. As a matter of fact, I don’t.’

Duras feels a little sick. Poor sweetheart. Duras se ressaisit. Duras sits up. Duras, Duras, Duras. Dis moi, restes tu?

Hamdullah ma petite chérie, baraka allahu feek

‘Tu ne disais rien; tu me suivait partout. Je pensais juste que tu voulais coucher.’
Duras se rappelle. Duras se ronge les ongles.